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^ Magic School Bus, anyone?

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Keesha, Miss Frizzle, and that one kid. Ralph?

I just checked my grades.

Are you ready for this?

Bible: 77.5%
But only because the only thing she has a grade listed for is the OT exam, on which I got 77.5%.

Media: 83%. Again, a couple of things missing, but I should still have at least a B or something when it’s all updated.

Comm class I was sure I was failing: 86%! So far. A few things need to be added. Particularly this paper that I don’t want to write that’s worth a bunch of points.

Comm class I was relatively sure I was failing: 67%. That’s a D+. Seven percent away from being an F, and 10 from being a C+.

I am afraid.

I got 85% on the final exam, though! That’s good.

But there are only two things left for this class, one if you don’t count the extra credit some of us are doing.

The “paper” is out of 50 points, and the extra credit I’m not sure about. I doubt I’ll get all 50 points on the paper, though, so I’d better do as much of the extra credit as possible.

I just want this week to be over with.

I want it to be Friday so that I am at home relaxing with absolutely no homework.


On a happier note, I decided to follow Heather’s example and do Nichole’s “Christmas Favorites.” (I can’t get to Nichole’s page right now though! :() And I guess I’ll count this as my “Thanks” thing for the day? 🙂

days of thanks

Christmas Favorites.

Tradition: Hmm… Family Christmas with Mom’s side. So many little kids running around excited about opening presents. Love it. 🙂 And it’s NEXT SUNDAY! 😀

Movie: Umm… I’m going to say Elf, because it’s always on, and my youth group watched it one year. I just watched it last night too.

Hymn: That’s too hard. I really like a lot of Christmas hymns.

Reindeer: RUDOLPH.

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How can you not love that face?

Naughty or Nice: I like to think I’m pretty nice…

Multi-colored lights or clear: Multi-colored!

Smell: Hmmm… We always have tons of food at family Christmas. I’ll go with that.

Seasonal Treat: My uncle makes fudge. White chocolate fudge= best. Thing. Ever.

Christmas Picture: It’s not exactly a Christmas picture, but one that I took around Christmastime. Last year we had a guy come speak to youth group about the media, and he brought cardboard cutouts of different movie characters. I loved being greeted by Darth Vader as I walked toward the youth room:


Sight: Presents under the tree.

Best gift: I’m going to go cheesy on you and say family. I love spending Christmas morning opening gifts with my parents and sister. And I love spending time with Mom’s side of the family.

Worst gift: I’m always afraid people aren’t going to like what I give them. Does that count?

Special memory: Ummm… can we count having J (exchange student) with us for last Christmas?

Dislikes: That it’s over so quickly. 😦

Your turn, if you want to! 🙂