I did laundry and started packing today.

I emailed my dad and asked him to bring an extra bag just in case I don’t have enough room in the two I have here. My duffel bag is full and I’m hoping that the rest of the clothing I’m bringing home fits in the smaller overnight bag I have. But if it doesn’t, I should have an extra one! Hope we’ve got room for everything in the car…

I’m ready for a break from homework and school and drama and awkwardness.

And then I’ll have to come back to a roommate who is planning a wedding.

She’s been planning it, but I think after break it will be more real and more stress. We’ll see.

But yeah, I’m insanely excited for tomorrow night.

My roommates have a classmate over to study for a final.

I am done with finals.

This is strange.

I want to go somewhere where no one is studying and watch TV shows without worrying about bothering people.

I suppose I could go sit on  my bed and keep my laptop’s volume relatively low.

I might go do that.