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days of thanks

I went with my sister on some errands today, and boy am I glad I didn’t have to take English courses in college. (Yay, Advanced Placement test scores!!)

Her English prof is … not the greatest, to put it “kindly.” She’s been having issues with this prof since the beginning of the school year (August, four months ago), and  now it’s to the point where we’re going to a higher-up in the school. He is very apologetic about the whole thing, which is good. Apparently he’s been getting plenty of complaints. I won’t give you too many details, but this professor is incredibly difficult and apparently has some sort of vendetta against my sister, it seems. 😦

I honestly think the prof needs to be fired. Just… fire the prof. Also the prof I had for Comm who my sister had for Speech this year. Fire that one, too.

On the bright side, Christmas is in NINE DAYS! (Possibly eight by the time you read this or depending on where you live. :))

It’s going to be weird to have Christmas Eve service and then get up and go to church on Sunday morning. I don’t remember the last time that happened. But it’ll be good. 🙂