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Did I really miss two days of posting?



I was hardly even on the internet yesterday, to be honest.

Yesterday was spent with family–part of it, anyway. Not the whole family, but a good chunk. It was fun, if a little loud.

days of thanks

I’m glad we got family time in.

We don’t get to see everybody all that often, even though we’re most of us in the same state, so it was good to have a few hours together.

I love them, even if the children can get ridiculously loud.

Last night I watched Kung Fu Panda 2, which was good.

I totally saw the very very end coming, and now I’m sure they’re working on a third movie.

They didn’t need that potential, but I guess they felt it was needed.


I liked it, anyway.

Hopefully one night this week my three best friends and I can get together and hang out. I’m looking forward to that. We literally have a three-day window in which we’ll all be around to get together.

I woke up feeling really sick this morning. 😦 I think it was from eating way too much this morning. But I’m better now. Still a little funny-feeling, but a lot better than when I got up!

I’m so excited for Christmas morning. I think that we’re waiting until after the service to open gifts, which is fine, because we won’t feel so rushed to get done before church starts. So that’s pretty cool. I’m getting to church early to run screen and stuff, which is super-exciting! 😀

What’s up with you this week?