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It’s been like four days since I posted, huh?


Saturday night, obviously was church.

And after, we had dinner and opened gifts and watched The Help.

I was incredibly surprised this year because my parents bought me a Kindle fire.

And socks and some shirts and a sweater and some school stuff, and as usual a check from Grandpa.

But a Kindle?

I had my doubts. I hate touch screens. I like holding books in my hands, etc.

But I really like it.

I’ve been playing games and reading with it since yesterday.

Unfortunately, we had to get me a new one because the first one was messed up. The power button didn’t work properly. So yesterday morning my mom went and got it exchanged for a new one that actually works. 🙂

Sunday morning was church, and I helped. It went all right expect for one mix-up (okay, maybe two) but nobody seemed to care.

And then last night I met up with a friend/coworker at a coffee shop in town (we both had hot chocolate!) and sat and talked for about three hours. It was great. 😀

Today I hadn’t done much, aside from read and get my haircut and play Angry Birds. (Addicted. Oops.)

It’s been a good break. I finished the Harry Potter series a couple days ago (Sunday?), and I’ve started re-reading Warriors.

A week from now, I will be back at school. A week from tomorrow Interim classes start. Should be interesting. I’m not ready to go back, but I have to. =\ I’ll make it, though!