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I came back to school today.

We left this morning, picked up L, went to where M lives and got him, and headed back to school.

We stopped to buy lunch and then got to school maybe an hour later.

Dropped M off, helped L get her stuff up to her room, and then unloaded my stuff.

Dad stuck around for around an hour or so, helping me set up the TV (bought one because ours left with C) and attempting to set up the DVD player.

Yeah, didn’t work very well.

TV is fine, but we had trouble with the DVD stuff.

I’m not sure if we have things plugged in to the wrong spots, or if I don’t have the right chords, or what the deal is. I’m going to see if A can help when she gets back, whenever that is.

I was not ready to come back.

My mom was gone before I got up this morning, and she knew she would be, so we said goodbye last night before she went to bed.

That was hard.

Saying goodbye to Dad this afternoon was hard.

I don’t think my next break is until March.

We have a Monday holiday off this month, but that’s it until March.

My dad said that they might have to come visit some weekend.

This is so weird.

Last semester we had four breaks, longer each time (three-day weekend over which I didn’t go home; Fall Break which was also a three-day weekend; Thanksgiving, which was about a week; and Christmas, nearly three weeks).

This semester (not including January), we’ll have probably two–Good Friday/Easter weekend and Spring break.

But it’s still strange.

I have to buy two books for my January class tomorrow before class starts. Maybe I’ll do that between chapel and class. And eat lunch. And do the reading.

I had to change my work schedule a bit. I have class from 1 to basically 4 every day of the week, except Wednesdays. We’re split into four groups, and each group is assigned a church to visit. My group (the largest of the four groups) has to be at our church by 3:15 tomorrow for orientation, apparently (after we go to about an hour of class). After that, we’ll be there starting at 4 until who knows when every Wednesday. And Sunday mornings for a couple of hours. I guess we’ll get more details tomorrow.

One of the requirements for this class is 25 hours of cultural experience or something. It’s going to be interesting. My dad and I checked out the website for the church my group is going to and Dad commented that there might be speaking in tongues and other things I’m not used to.

So this will be a very interesting month for sure.