Okay, let’s start with the morning, I guess…

I don’t have class until 1pm this month, so I didn’t get out of bed until like 9.

Roommate and I hung around the apartment and watched TV until the shuttle came.

I went to class, which was cut short today because of church stuff.

We won’t have class the next two Wednesdays because my group has to be at our church by 4pm and it would be cutting it very close from school.

Anyway, we left class a bit after 2 instead of just before 4. We split into groups based on who had a car and who needed a ride, and agreed on places and times to meet to drive to the church. It’s only about 15 minutes from school, and we didn’t want to get there half an hour early, you know?

So I called my mom and ate a snack and then wandered around near the spot my group had agreed to meet at.

We went to the church for orientation, which was basically 45 minutes of learning about the church and introducing ourselves to a few people and getting a quick tour of the church.

Then we worked.

Only, not all of us worked.

They only needed four people to serve, so the rest of us kind of just observed and chatted amongst ourselves and the people near us. I ended up at a table with the girl who drove me and a guy from the group, and two little girls sat down at the table to eat. That was fun.

After those we were serving had left, the church volunteers told us to go ahead and eat (it was like 5 or 5:30 by then). We ate and then ended up seating around the dining area talking to each other about random stuff until nearly 6:30, when we decided to go up to the sanctuary.

Their evening service started at 7, only it started a little before 7, which was interesting.

We thought it would be done at 8:30, but it kept going until a little after 9.

It was a lot of singing and shouting (praise, hallelujah, that kind of thing) and repeating of important phrases. My head hurts…

The congregation was very friendly, and a handful of them came up to us (we were all in one section) and welcomed us to the church. Because their pastor or whoever announced that we were visiting for the month and made us stand up. It was easy to tell us from everyone else because we were the only white college kids in the building. Hah. There were a couple of other white people in the room, but not too many. Maybe Sunday there will be some more.

Anyway, it was a really interesting experience.

And I had tot ext the roommate to see if she would let me into the building because I forgot my id in the apartment. And I hadn’t grabbed a coat this morning because it wasn’t that cold.

Apparently my sister decided that it was shorts weather today.

I mean, it was warm, but it wasn’t that warm! =\

So. Yeah. Today was definitely interesting.

It will be interesting to see how Sundays go!

I’m kind of looking forward to the out-of-class portion of this class. The in-class? Eh. I like lectures all right, but our prof has an accent that’s hard to understand a times, so… I dunno. Some of the people at the church have even thicker accents—tonight half of us zoned out because we couldn’t understand the pastor. 😦

But I think that despite all the work (one day in J-Term basically equals one week of a semester. Plus we have to spend 25 hours at the church. Plus reading and writing reflection papers for every class period), this is going to be a good class.