Emmy posted this, and even though I wasn’t tagged, I thought I’d answer the questions posed anyway!

I’m going to ignore the 11 Facts thing. These kind of count as facts anyway, right? 😛

11 Questions from Sarah: 

1) Are you a Coke or Pepsi person? Why? Neither. I’ve tried both, and I do prefer one over the over, but I can never remember which one, lol. I try not to drink pop/soda though. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had pop.
2) What is the craziest thing about you? I really don’t know. Oh, I was born three months early. That usually gets a reaction.
3) Where did you grow up? Minnesota. Still here. Might not ever leave.
4) Can you touch your toes? Flat palm on the floor? I think so.
5) If you could be an Olympic champion in any sport, what would it be? I’ve always loved figure skating and gymnastics. I used to be obsessed with doing cartwheels. I’ve always wanted to be able to do the fancy skating moves. One of those.
6) What is your favorite season? I really like spring. Snow melts and it gets warmer!
7) What is your dream job? Something that I love. Not sure what that’s going to be yet.
8) What is your favorite TV show? Oh. Criminal Minds or Doctor Who.
9) If you could relive any memory, what would it be? I really would love to be able to recall more fun times with my best friend. I wish I could get those times back.
10) If you could wake up tomorrow knowing any language in addition to your native tongue, which language would it be and why? I have a bunch I’d want to know. French, which I’m sort of fluent in. Spanish—-practical. I think Hebrew would be cool. I could read the Bible in its almost-original language. Aramaic would be cool too. And Greek. Really, I think I’d want to be fluent in every language. Every modern language, I guess…
11) Do you read the book or watch the movie first? I try to read the book first. I didn’t with HP, and I definitely preferred the books to the movies. I think I need to give up on watching the movies based on books I love, because I’m always disappointed by at least one part.

11 Questions from Emmy:

1) Best 90’s TV show?
Oh. Oh. Cartoons.
2) That one toy when you were a kid that rarely left your side.
The teddy bear my mother made me. His name is George, and I still have him.
3) What is your order at Starbucks (or if you don’t go there, another restaurant of choice)?
I go to the cafe at school that’s got Caribou stuff. I don’t drink coffee. I typically go for the white hot cocoa.
4) What book are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it?
I’m trying to read a few right now, which isn’t the best idea but I make it work. Awakening Mercy by Angela Benson, The Secret Holocaust Diaries by Nonna Bannister, America Jesus by Stephen Prothero, and Rapid Dawn by TK Steiner. They were all free on my Kindle. And then there are the two books I have to read for my Anthropology class about Africa.
5) What was the last movie you saw in theatres?
The third Chipmunks movie. It was cute.
6) It’s the end of the day and you just got done with class/work/etc. What’s your routine?
After class, I come back to the apartment and chill and try to do homework.
7) A big blizzard just hit and EVERYTHING is cancelled. What do you do with your day?
Read. Be boring.
8) When something BIG happens who is the first person you call?
My mom.
9) What is the one thing that can make you laugh EVERY TIME?
Certain movies and comedy skits.
10) Your favorite part of the day?
Being done with class and homework.
11) One fact you want me to know about you.
I love languages, as evidenced in #10 of the previous set of questions.