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Today I went to the longest church service I’ve ever been to.

We got there at 10:30 and didn’t leave until 2.

The service went until 1:30, a half hour later than someone told us.

We stood and sang for (I’m not kidding) an hour to an hour and a half.

And then had a sermon for at least half an hour, if not more.

And then took forever to do tithes and offering. Although it was cool to see how they did it, by praying over the tithes and offerings (which are apparently separate things and need their own prayers and times to give them) and stuff.

Today’s service was their thanksgiving celebration (not like in November, but like thankful for the new year I guess) and they DANCED UP THE AISLE. And we joined in, because they go from the back of the sanctuary to the front and we all had to participate otherwise we’d have felt weird and like we were being rude. So we danced up the aisle. It was interesting.

It was very loud, very repetitive (during the sermon), very colorful (a lot of the congregants were wearing native African attire or colorful dresses and stuff), and very enthusiastic/passionate.

It was hard to understand some of what the pastor said, because he has such a heavy accent and speaks so quickly. I think at the end of the month we may be able to understand him better.

After church, I had to work at three. Until nine.

(I had a break in the middle, don’t worry.)

And now it’s after 11.

My legs hurt.

And I haven’t done any homework for class tomorrow.

I meant to yesterday, but got busy procrastinating and… yeah.

I’ll have to do it tomorrow morning before class.

I’m planning on trying to get ahead in homework for a few days, to stay on top of things.

On another note, the other day I was introduced to something that is really cool.

And it helps make a difference.

You should check out Tabs for a Cause.

It’s super-easy—it takes probably two minutes and you’re on your way to helping people.

All you have to do is install an extension to your browser that lets you donate to a cause (there are like five of them and you can pick a frequency; it’s on the site) and every time you open a new tab, it donates to whichever cause pops up, like water or education or whatever.

It’s kind of fun, actually. I mean, I’m not doing anything other than opening a tab and replacing the URL with the one I want, but it’s an excuse to open a couple of tabs. 😛

Speaking of fun, I’ve also started using freerice again. I first learned of FreeRice in high school when we used it to practice grammar or something and I like it a lot.

Basically, you pick a subject (like grammar or French or whatever) and click on the right definition of the word and that equals ten grains of rice donated.

Wait they have a shop? Why did I not know that before now?


Anyway, it’s both educational and helpful.

You should check it out.

You should also check this out, because it’s got multiple causes (which I didn’t realize until way after I started using it). It used to be my homepage so that I wold click the button to donate to breast cancer stuff every time I used the internet. I think I need to make it my homepage again… or a bookmark…

Anyway, you should check these out.

Because… you should.

It’s an easy, free way to help other people.

Sure, helping them face-to-face and with actual money is cool, too. But this works, right?