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I have a test today.

We finally got the study guide at like 9:30 last night.

Prof had computer issues I guess.

So it’s not like he totally forgot about it.

But still.

The study guide contains 25 questions.

Fourteen of those questions will be on the exam.

Of those 14, we get to choose seven to answer.

I do not like this system.

I have never liked this system.

Honestly, I don’t want to study more than I have to.

Just give me the list of 25 and let me pick the seven I want to answer.

That’s what I did last night because I thought that was how it was going to work until I reread the instructions on the study guide.

So now I’m trying to read at least the handouts her gave us and my notes so that I can be prepared for at least some of the questions. Hopefully the seven that are on the test…

And after the test (or class; we may have lecture too, I don’t know for sure), I’m going to check my mailbox and hope the text book I need arrived today as opposed to arriving tomorrow so that I can start on my assignments for at the least the rest of the week.

I want to get ahead in them so I’m not worrying so much about finishing them the morning they’re due.

But I can only do that if the book is here today or tomorrow.

If it doesn’t get here until tomorrow, I’m going to be a little bit behind. 😦

Although we don’t have class tomorrow, so I’ll have all day today to work on things… and tomorrow’s assignment doesn’t have to be turned in until Thursday… so maybe this will work.

But only if the book gets here in the next two days.

So we’ll see how this goes…