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So last night kicked off the Tour de Nerdfighting.

If you don’t know what a Nerdfighter is, check out this video.

John wrote a book called The Fault in Our Stars, which came out yesterday.

And he and Hank and Hank’s wife decided they wanted to go on tour for the book.

So they started that tour last night, in Massachusetts, and I watched the livestream.

It was amazing.

John and Hank did some stuff and it was great and I took screenshots.

And then the talking and singing part ended and people were lining up to get stuff signed by the Greens.

So the livestream was facing the line, but it was relatively boring.


a bunch of random people started to “host” the liveshow and promote their YouTube channels and just generally keep the livestream viewers entertained.

It was a lot of fun.

I discovered several new YouTubers to watch.



And it’s great.

I posted screenshots on my personal Tumblr.

This is a favorite:

Hufflepuff scarf!!

So… yeah. That was how I spent my Tuesday night.

And then I procrastinated on my homework when I said I wanted to get ahead.


I finally got results back from the placement test I took for Spanish class, because I’ve been thinking about taking Spanish and needed to take the test.

The test put me in a class that has three sections this spring.

Trouble is, one is over-full, one is full, and one really early in the morning.

The early-in-the-morning one (seven forty in the morning. 7:40!) still has ten spots open though.

So I could take it and then take a nap before my afternoon class, haha.

I would or will be taking French and Spanish during the same semester.

That’s not a bad thing, because they are relatively similar. When I was taking Spanish I in high school, it was super-easy because I’d have four levels of French.

So taking Spanish at the same time as French shouldn’t be a bad thing. It might be helpful.

It’s just that the class is at SEVEN FORTY IN THE MORNING.

I’ll have to get up early three days a week.

But it will mean I will have more credits, and Spanish is helpful in America because a lot of people speak Spanish.

Also I was thinking about seeing if I could work for my work study boss over the summer because a lot of those people speak Spanish and it might be cool to help them if they need it.

So… I might end up taking a super-early Spanish class.

If my mother would text me back with her thoughts…


So, that’s kind of an update.

I’m still frustrated with my Interim prof.

But we’re getting through it.

At least we get a 15-minute break partway through the almost-three-hour class, usually around an hour and a half in to class.

That helps.

I’m gonna go try to read for class tomorrow…