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Oh my goodness.

Today was such a good day.

So, they split our group in half at church today.

My group got to leave the sanctuary partway through the service to go see the teenagers’ Sunday school stuff.

It was so neat, and honestly more … fulfilling? than the upstairs sermon.

Easier to follow.

So… yeah.

Today was a good day.

I let go in church today.

Last week I was pretty reserved, only really tapping my foot. Until we were required to join the dancing procession toward the end. But that’s only like once a month or something.

Anyway, this morning I kept getting this … urge, I guess, to raise my arms.

I resisted it for the first song or so, but eventually I just did it.

And a few moments later, through closed eyes, I saw a camera flash, and somehow knew it was on me.

And that’s totally fine.

So there was that, and then there was teenager Sunday school, which was neat.

It was entertaining, as well as educational.

The teacher spoke on Ecclesiastes 12, connecting it to Solomon and David, 1 Samuel 17, and foundations.

It was really interesting, and the kids were pretty great.

Some of them have interesting names, and some have “normal” names. It was neat hearing some of the different ones. 🙂

And then we met with the families we’ve been assigned to interview, some only briefly. My group’s was very short, setting up another time to meet with our person.

And then I went to find the people I was riding back to school with. Two were just about finished with their meeting, and then we went to find the girl driving.

She was still in her meeting, so the other two and I just hung out in the hallway, which happened to be outside the Sunday school classrooms. Lots of little kids running around. It was cute. We made a friend!

And then we came back to campus and I ate lunch and have been on the internet since.

I’m waiting for my prof to email us the study guide for Tuesday’s test…

And listening to sermons and stuff. Quite interesting.

Sounds like at least a couple of people are coming over for a while tonight to play games or something. If I get my study guide tonight, I might go study instead of hanging out in the room. But we’ll see.

It always gets ridiculously warm in our apartment, and it’s really annoying. 😦 But the study room is warm, too, because it’s near the boiler room. So. Eh. =\

But hopefully we’ll get the study guide tonight, because I’m sure some of my classmates have to work pretty much all day tomorrow and can’t really study…

So, so far today has been great! I’m looking forward to some chill time tomorrow.