It’s not a major change, but it’s still a change.

My professor changed the syllabus yesterday.

It means watching more documentaries.

Two today. Most of us were falling asleep by the end of the first when when our 15-minute break rolled around.

I took literally no notes during the second one, except for the basic title.

Today has been blah.

I mean, it started off okay.

I got up and started trying to study for today’s test, and then checked my email to find that we were not taking a test.

All of our tests (two left) are going to be take-home tests.

Which is nice.

So my choosing to stay up until 2am and watch Harry Potter with my roommate instead of studying really wasn’t that poor of a choice. 😛

So today in class we watched two documentaries, discussed a few things, and that was it.

I’m really tired.

I’d say I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but I got around 7 hours, which should be enough.

It’s really dark out and it’s not even 6pm. Winter is annoying.

I think it’s nap time…