It’s after 11pm.

I got back from church around… 10:30?

We got there just after 4.

Tonight, I actually did something.

I sat at a table with two classmates and talked with a man I’ll call “H.”

H told us stories and asked us about school and stuff.

It was fun!

And then we helped clean up (wiped down tables and chairs) and played Apples to Apples.

Then we had the service, which finished a bit before 9.

Then my small group met with one of the congregants to interview her about immigrating to the US.

I caught a ride with another group because my ride left, understandably.

We made a quick stop to drop something off and then came back to campus.

I’m watching Criminal Minds.

Reid is adorable and brilliant.

Brilliantly adorable?

Adorably brilliant?


Same idea.

I have to write a paper by class time tomorrow—before class time, actually.


I’d better do that after CM is over.

Or I could do it tomorrow morning.


It’ll get done.