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I sense a pattern.

I’ve only been back at school for just over two weeks and I’m already ready to go home again.

I can hopefully go home next week.

We have nearly a week’s beak between Interim and Spring semester.

I’m trying to find a ride home.

I could go home this weekend with a friend if I didn’t still have class.

Her class started two days before mine and is over four days earlier.

How is that fair???

My best friend isn’t going home—or rather, will be home. This is home for her.

But my roommate is going home because she has appointments and stuff, and I don’t want to be alone with nothing to do for five days.

But I need a ride.

My mom was going to ask someone from church, but he’s only going to be home over the weekend, just Friday night until Sunday night or Monday morning.

But the girl who’s going home this weekend would maybe be able to give me a ride back to school. Well, her family would, since she’s a freshman and can’t have a car. But you get my point.

I’d ask my roommate, but it would be about three hours way out of her way. 😦

If the three other people I have in mind don’t work, I might have to get one of my parents to come get me.


I’m waiting for a reply from one person before I check with the other two. No point in asking them if I can get a ride from this person, really.

And if that all fails, I can probably ride home with this guy from church my mom has in mind. I can wait until Friday evening to go home, I guess.

We got into a little trouble during class today…

He’s finally addressed the use of computers in class.

When we have less than a week left.

Thing is, he didn’t mention it in class.

He emailed us during our 15-minute break.

I just… Weird.


I don’t really use my laptop much in class other than to check email (and surf the internet because I’m bored), so I guess for the last six days of the semester I’ll leave my laptop in the apartment.

We have half of our take-home test due tomorrow. I have to answer one more question.

The other half is due Monday.

I also have to write a paper for tomorrow that was due today. I almost turned in tomorrow’s today. I did them in the wrong order. But that’s okay. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

I also have to do the paper for Monday sometime this weekend.

And sometime before Thursday I have to write a paper on what I’ve learned from this class, and figure out our presentation on the whole “interview an immigrant” assignment.

Plus the other few papers due.

I’d like to go home and read my new book now please.

I’ve been waiting for this book since last summer.

I can’t remember when I pre-ordered it, but I’ve been waiting a long time. It came out on the 10th of this month, and my copy got to my house last…Friday. My mom texted me that it had. 🙂

I was thinking I’d have to wait until Spring Break to read it, but if I get to go home next weekend, I’ll get to read it then!

And the best part?

My copy should be SIGNED!

He was signing all pre-orders, AKA the first printing (which was 150,000 books—or papers that were put into the front of the books. There were not that many pre-orders.). And his wife drew little Yetis (because that’s her nickname because’s neve on-camera in their videos) on some of them, and his brother drew Hanklerfishes (anglerfish, but his name is Hank so they’re Hanklerfishes). And I’m so. EXCITED. to see what color my signature is (Sharpie!) and if I got a Hanklerfish or a Yeti. But even if it’s just the signature, I will be happy. I’d be happy with just the book, but a signed copy? YES PLEASE.

So that’s exciting. 😀