Oh, goodness.

I’m trying to do some homework.

It’s a map for class.

We’re supposed to color the countries in Africa based on which countries colonized them.

Trouble is, some of the maps I’m finding are saying different things from some of the other maps I’m looking at.

He did say in his instructions that we might need to use more than one map, so maybe that’s why.

But it’s frustrating.

I don’t really want to do it.

But I have to get it done today, hopefully.

I’m not going to be around a whole lot tomorrow because of church and work.

It’s due on Monday.

I didn’t do it last night because part of last night was spent with my roommate and her cousin.

You maybe saw these (bottom –> up):

girls' night

It was really the most interesting experience of 2012 so far.

A. and her cousin went out for a couple of hours to just hang out, and when they came back here, they made face masks out of juice and gelatin.

The invited me to join them, and I said “Why not!”

The mask stuff ended up being the consistency of jelly, and smelled a bit like it, too.

It dripped considerably before it dried.

It was interesting trying to peel it off. We figured out that it would’ve come off easier if it had been thicker and a little bit stickier when we peeled it off.

But it worked.

Nearly 24 hours and a shower later, my face still feels a little funny, but it’s not a terrible thing.

And then after the face masks, we watched New Moon.

And then… went to bed. At 2am. Hah.

So yeah.

Last night was interesting, and today has been boring.

Tomorrow will be full.

I’m so glad next week is my last week of classes for a little bit.

We only have four days of classes, unless you’re my roommate’s classmates and have a professor who thought the last day was Wednesday. Haha.

I need to figure out how I’m getting home…