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I’m excited.


So, I have to go to church on Sunday for class, right?

And I was freaking out that I’d only have two days at home no matter how I split up the weekend, right?

I was planning on going home Sunday after church until Tuesday.

Then I got an email from the guy who’s ridden back with us a couple of times saying that he actually is going home for a couple of days and would I be okay with waiting until he’s done working Thursday night to leave?


So then I was planning on going home for Thursday night/Friday/Saturday because it was more time with family because it’s the weekend instead of the beginning of the week, you know?

And THEN like ten minutes after I got off the phone with my mom about that decision, she called me AGAIN with ANOTHER idea.

One that I had originally tried to share with her when I found out I have to go to church but hadn’t articulated properly.

The one about them driving me back here for church and hanging out until I was done and driving home.


It would mean either coming back to school Saturday night to spend the night here or getting up super-early on Sunday to get to church by 10:30, but it would mean more time at home.

And since I have a ride home Thursday night, they would be more willing to drive four hours round-trip on Sunday since they don’t have to come get me this time.

And hopefully I can ride back with someone on Tuesday before classes start on Wednesday so my parents or sister wouldn’t have to drive me.

I’m. So. HAPPY.

Yeah, explaining to the church people that I brought my parents is going to be a little weird, but whatever. I can just say they decided to visit or something, hah.

And I would still get most of the long weekend at home AND get my required final Sunday in.


It’s not exactly set in stone yet, but I’m pretty sure it should work.

Now I have to go do homework. Because we have a crazy amount of homework this week for only having four days of class. 😦 We have a take-home exam due Thursday, reflection papers due every day (I think, and I didn’t finish the one due today so I’m doing two tonight), a three-page final paper due on Thursday, AND a group presentation to give on Thursday that we only got the groups for today.

Yeah, we’re all a little stressed.

So it’s homework time.

After I eat a cupcake.

Or three.