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I’m tired of homework.

Can we be done with it now?

I have 8 of 10 questions answered.

I have an incredibly rough, almost non-existent outline of a five-page paper written.

I haven’t looked at my section of the chapter for our group project yet.

Can we just be done now?

We’re all getting 100% on the fourth exam because he waived it and is just giving us the points.

He doesn’t have grades posted online, but based on the grades on the things I’ve gotten back so far, I think I’m doing okay. I probably have like a B or something.

Today he had us write our names, as he’s done for a couple of class periods. But along with writing “Name” at the top of the sheet, he also wrote “Signature” on the other half. It was very strange.

So I’m ready for class to be over.

I talked to my parents tonight.

Mom called me while I was trying to do homework to ask me a question, and then asked if I wanted to talk to Dad about Sunday, which I kind of did.

So that happened.

And I just want it to be Thursday night…