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Just kidding.

I don’t drink.

And the person who said the line tonight doesn’t, either. Unless you count Coke.

Honestly, I just want to fast-forward through the next 24 hours.

Our final paper’s deadline has been extended to Monday.

I did it this morning in two hours with the intention of finishing it tonight to email it tomorrow.

We have a test due tomorrow.

I’ve answered nine of ten required questions and I’m not answering any more.

I don’t care anymore.

We have a group project to do tomorrow.

We just got the groups on Monday.

Can’t he cancel the project — and cancel class in general for tomorrow??

We’re already all getting 100% on the fourth, non-existent exam.


I’d be at church right now if I didn’t have this group project to worry about.

And most of us have barely even talked to our groups.

These projects are going to suck and I’m going to blame the prof for not giving us enough time.

I swear, this is making me sick.

I just want to go home.

I’m going to throw some stuff together in a slide show, hope it’s a few minutes’ worth of info, and pray that he doesn’t ask questions. But knowing him, he will.

Supposedly the presentations are supposed to be 15-20 minutes long, but one of my classmates was saying that she knows someone who’s had this prof and he actually doesn’t really keep track of time.

If that’s true tomorrow, we might get away with only 10 minutes’ worth of info.

And honestly, I’m not sure I want to listen to people talk about things for 20 minutes. I just… don’t really care at this point.

So I know what I’m going to be doing for the next hour or two: trying to put together my part of a slide show.

What if I just don’t go? What if we skip my portion of the chapter?

Probably shouldn’t.

But I wish I could. 😦