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In three (-ish) hours, I will be on my home!!

I ended up emailing my group my notes for our presentation just in case this morning, because I was feeling really crappy—headache, sore throat, kind of flu-ish.

Good thing I did, because I fell asleep on the couch and woke up an hour and a half after class had started.


I’m really hoping they’re not upset with me, but I did let them know ahead of time that I wasn’t feeling the best.

Of course they could take it as a cop-out because I didn’t want to do this project in the first place…

but I was legitimately not able to do much and thought I was going to throw up or pass out.

And I’d say it’s fine and I never have to see these guys again, but that’d be lying.

I will see them at church on Sunday.

Because even though the term is over (today), we’re required to go to church on Sunday.

Which is dumb.

But unless it’s snowing really hard on Sunday morning, my dad is driving me to church so I can get credit for class.

Oh. I should email my prof my test that was due today.

And maybe the paper that’s due Monday, since I’m pretty much done with it.

So that was my morning/early afternoon: sleeping through half of class because I felt like crap.

Since waking up, I have done dishes and am almost done with laundry.

I will be taking out the garbage & recycling in the next hour, probably.

Then I have to finish packing and just wait for my ride to text me and show up.

Oh, and call or text my mom when we’re leaving campus so she has an idea of when to leave home to come get me.

I’m guessing it’s going to be around 10:30 or 11 tonight before we get to my ride’s place, and another 30-45 minutes to get home from there. So… after 11. But that’s okay. I’ll make it.

And thank my mom profusely for staying up late when she has to get up early tomorrow.

While I am home this weekend, I am going to maybe watch some Star Wars. Because I’ve been wanting to and can’t here because I don’t have the movies.

I’m also having lunch with my friend on Saturday, which is exciting!

I’m thinking about going to watch my dad jump in a freezing cold lake Saturday morning. It’s for charity or Special Olympics or something. I guess he decided to do it this year. Cool.

All right, time to go finish laundry and take out the garbage and finish packing and wait impatiently for 8pm.