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So, I got home a little earlier than I thought I would last night.

We left school about 8:30, met my mom a little after 10, and got home before 11.

It was nice.

I didn’t get to sleep in today, because there have been people in and out of our house to work on our basement, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Today was spent eating cupcakes (I had an orange for breakfast and I did eat lunch!), on the internet, and reading my new book.

It was good.

(Although there are a couple of scenes that are a little awkward.)

I want to read it again.

I probably will.

Oh, and my sister and I killed some time shopping.

Because our internet went out.

So I bought myself two new shirts and tried on a couple of things and then we came home.

I think my parents are watching a movie tonight.

I’ll probably read.

Tomorrow I’m getting together with a friend, but I’m not sure exactly where or when yet.

Sunday will be spent in the car and at church and perhaps hanging out around school-area so we don’t just drive four (five?) hours round-trip to be there for three or four. Maybe Dad and I will do some shopping—or, looking.

Monday there will be more construction-y people in our house, and Tuesday my mom and sister are driving back to school because my sister doesn’t have school and my mom is taking the day off.

Also on Monday, I may go interview for a summer job. Which is kind of exciting.

And I have to get some groceries and stuff while I’m home.

So I’ve got a relatively full weekend.

How about you? How’s your weekend looking? Any exciting plans? 🙂