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So far this year my Friday posts have been Flawless-related.

But not really today.

And I had an experience today that I thought would fit, so I’m sharing it.

Flawless Friday!

Our internet went out for a little while today.

So my sister and I decided to go do a little shopping.

I wanted a couple of new shirts anyway.

So we went out.

And we looked at clothes.

And she convinced me to try on a few dresses.

I rarely ever try on dresses, because I’m not sure I look in them.

It’s this terrible cycle of thinking I’d look ridiculous in something but never trying it on to make sure because I think it’s ridiculous because I’ve never tried them on…

I have two dresses.

I’ve only worn each of them probably once or twice.

They’re fancy-ish dresses.

I wore one to an Easter service at church and the other at my Graduation party and my cousin’s wedding.

I haven’t worn either of them since.

And I haven’t bought any new ones, because I’m not sure I look good in dresses.



That’s something I realized today.

And it kind of makes me sad.

I’d like to wear dresses, but I don’t take the time to actually try them and see how they look.

Is that like a metaphor for life or something?

…Pardon me, I read The Fault in Our Stars today.

It is full of metaphors.

But yeah, shopping always makes me think.

And I thought I’d share those thoughts.