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First off, let’s start with yesterday.

I came back to school.

My mom and sister came with me.

I drove.

We left home at about 9:30 and got here about noon.

We dropped my stuff off at the apartment and then went to lunch.

After lunch, we did some shopping.

We went to a mall, and toward the end of our time at the mall, my mom and I had an interesting encounter.

This woman at this booth thing called us over and tried to sell us this nail-buffing thing that’s supposed to keep your nails amazing for a month.

Neither Mom nor I do much to our nails, but I have to admit, my thumbnail feels pretty cool.

But we didn’t buy the thing.

But it was definitely an interesting experience.

And it fit it relatively well with Caitlin’s cool new idea. (Sort of. If you look at it that way.)

So that was cool.

And then today classes started.

My roommate and I have Spanish together.

At 7:40AM.

We got to the classroom, and nobody was showing up closer to class time.

Roommate suggested I try checking the school website because sometimes they change rooms last-minute without telling people.


We had to go find the other classroom.

And then we finished class about ten minutes early because it’s the first day and all you do is the syllabus and maybe introducing yourself, right?

Apparently this class is going to require 7-8 hours of work each week.

Um. Okay.

So then after class I called my mom and checked my mailbox and walked back to the apartment and called my dad.

And now I don’t have class for another two hours.

And then I’ll come back here and maybe do some homework.

So that’s today so far.

Very exciting.

Got up at 7 and had just enough time to change and pack my backpack and grab breakfast before catching the shuttle.

The sun wasn’t even up yet. =\

But oh well. I’ll deal with it. I’ll have to be up that early this summer if I get this one job I applied for, so I guess I’d better get used to it.