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So, I’ve been a little worried about Spanish today.

I took the online placement test, and it put me in 102, so that’s what I signed up for.

Yesterday in class the prof kept going on about how it’s going to be hard, and if you haven’t had 2 or 3 Spanish classes already it’s going to be tough and basically why are you even in this class.

My roommate assured me last night that according to the people she’s talked to who have had this class, it’s really not that difficult.

I’m hoping she’s right.

I’ve technically only had one Spanish class.

My Senior year of high school.

But honestly, they should’ve bumped me up into at least Spanish 2, because I was catching on quickly. (Thank you, French class! And Romance languages in general for being so similar.)


Yeah, a little freaked out.

I mean, French is really similar to Spanish, and I’ve had essentially five classes of that.

So I should be able to catch up/on in Spanish pretty easily, right?


Because if I’m not doing well enough by the end of next week, and my prof notices, she did say that she does move people down to 101.

Which would not work for me at all because of timing.

That’s the whole reason I took this Spanish class—it was the only one that still had spots open that was MWF instead of TTh and fit in my schedule that way.

So if she does ask me to move down to 101, I’m going to have to just drop Spanish altogether this semester, because timing does not work.

Which would leave me at 13 credits.

Technically that’s still full-time, I believe, and I don’t really need Spanish for anything (unless I decide I can fit a Modern World Language Minor in which I probably can’t), but four more credits this semester is helpful for graduation requirements and whatnot.

So I’m worried.

Also, my 2-D class is going to be interesting.

The prof is … different.

I texted L, who’s had him probably multiple times, and she said, “Hahaha, yeah.”

I’m slightly confused by our first few assignments (due Tuesday and Thursday), but… whatever. We’ll make it.

My Comm class this semester sounds like a lot of work, but I have to take it and this prof is going to be on sabbatical in the fall and I just want to get it out of the way so I’m taking it now.

On the plus side, I know several people in the class.

So that’s cool.

And French.

Oh, French.

When I looked at the list of who was in the class online this afternoon, there were 11 of us, including the professor.

There were eight of us in class.

And we’re all girls.

And the prof sounds like she’s from France or someplace where they speak French because she’s like super fluent and has this accent…

And she’s going to be gone for a month, probably in April, so we’re going to have some other French prof teaching us. I think she’s actually the dean of French or something special like that. She sat in on class today and will probably sit in until she starts teaching us.

So it’s going to be a busy, stressful, interesting semester.

I kind of hope next year is easy compared to this year, except it probably won’t be because I have to take Senior Seminar which sounds intimidating…


On a cooler note, watch this!

Little preacher, him!