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So, yesterday on Twitter I mentioned this:


I figured it kind of fit as a Flawless post, so I waited ’til today to blog about it. 🙂

Flawless Friday!

What happened was this:

Yesterday in Art class, we critiqued each others’ projects.

My big painted project somehow got left on our kitchen table and I didn’t have any time to go back and get it before class because T/Th are my full days.

But I had the other, smaller assignments in my folder.

So we hung our big painted projects up on the wall and talked about them for a while.

And then we critiqued the smaller, patterned projects.

The prof asked someone to tell him what they thought the best sequential pattern was.

One person pointed out…



I don’t.


So that was cool in itself.

And then the prof and the class started talking about it and why they liked it (one girl said it looked like a bunch of seahorses, which was cool) and then he asked whose it was.

I raised my hand, kinda embarrassed but also pretty happy.

And then he made this comment that I must be a designer.

And he proceeded to ask me if I am a designer.

And I was like, “Um… well… I guess?”

And he said, “No, write it on your paper: ‘I am a designer.'”

And I did.

And it was weird.

And my face was red.

But it was really cool.

I’ve never thought of myself as a designer before.

I mean, I enjoy messing with pictures and stuff, but I’ve never considered myself an artist or a designer. My best friends, yes. Myself? Not so much.

So that was weird.

But it also made me think.

I know that I’m too hard on myself most of the time.

I know that I don’t give myself enough credit.

I know that I suck at taking compliments.

I know that I’m paranoid that people are just saying things to make me feel better.

But the thing with this situation was, even though I don’t always know whether or not this prof is being serious, yesterday I could tell that he totally was.

He was dead serious.

And I appreciated it.

And after class when I was handing in my quiz (oh, we took a quiz after critiques), he walked past me and patted me on the back.

So that was cool.

I was going to share another random comment that could have counted as a compliment, but now I’ve forgotten it. Something from French class; I think the prof was telling us we’re all smart or something.

Wish I could remember the exact conversation, but I guess it didn’t strike me as much as the Art one.

So… yeah.

I need to do some homework in the next two and a half hours.

Not a whole lot, just the thing that’s due for today. Which might take a little time…

After my afternoon class, I think I’m going to buy and send my mom a Valentine’s Day card.

All right, time to do a little homework!

EDIT: eight hours later.

I remembered my other “compliment” thing.

This morning when we got on the shuttle before class, this song I know was playing.

Three of us sitting behind the shuttle driver (my roommate, a girl across the aisle, and I) started singing along kind of quietly.

And the shuttle driver was like, “There’s a chorus happening back here. It’s cool” or something.

It was cute.

This is the same driver who, earlier this week or last, greeted everyone with “HEEEEEEEEYYYYYY” as we got on at one point during the day.

He’s cool.

And hearing that he enjoyed that we were singing helped make my morning better.