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Tonight I got a message from someone I barely know.

A positive message.

A thank you message.

This person is someone I see posting a lot of negative stuff.

They tend to post stuff about suicide, or not feeling loved—stuff like that that breaks my heart.

So to get a positive note from them saying that I’m one of their favorite people because I try to help them feel better basically made my life.

This is why I try to help.

For reactions like this.

For those rare occasions when people thank me for trying to help them, or for being positive.

As much as it hurts to read the negatives…

as terrifying as it is to think that if I don’t try to help and they hurt themselves that it’s my fault…

as painful as it is to realize that people are going to be negative and potentially hurt themselves even if I try to help…

the positives make it worth it.