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I did not realize until like 7:30 this morning that today is Ash Wednesday.

I’d seen posts about Mardi Gras yesterday, and we’d mentioned Ash Wednesday in French class, but it didn’t click until I saw crosses on people’s foreheads today.

I’m behind.

I don’t think I’m going to necessarily give anything up completely this Lent, but I do think I might try not to procrastinate so much.

And I was thinking now might be the time to start the idea I’d had a while back.

Not necessarily do pictures, but more try to get back into finding positives in every day. Something beautiful from every day. You know?

Maybe I’ll take a picture of myself, or maybe just a picture in general. I don’t know for certain yet.

But starting either tonight or tomorrow, I’m probably going to be starting 40 Days of Beauty.