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I have been falling asleep for the last couple of hours, and it is annoying.

I think that after I post this, I’m going to go to bed.

Today’s 40 Days of Beauty post is going to be pretty short, both because I’m tired and because it’s just a really quick lesson.

40 days

It snowed today.

Not a whole lot, but it was snow.

I don’t want more snow (we haven’t gotten much this winter), but I have to admit that it’s pretty!

And the other interesting part of today was in Law class, when we spent most of the class period debating.

It was about a freedom of speech/self-expression case from a few years ago, and my group was for the student.

It was really interesting to hear the other group’s arguments and to try to come up with a rebuttal in my head. I didn’t talk until after class when I mentioned something to the prof, but it was kind of fun. I hate public speaking, so it was nice to have someone else making the arguments, but I did have a couple of comments during the time that the prof gave us to talk in our separate groups about our arguments.

I’m starting to get out of my comfort zone a tiny bit more every now and then.

And that’s cool.

What about you? Learning anything interesting lately?