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I didn’t post over the weekend.

My bad, sorry!

Friday night was busy and sleepy (we watched two movies and I was falling asleep  partway through both of them), and then I slept until nearly 12:30 Saturday.

Then my roommate and I went to lunch and hung around the main buildings for a little while.

Then we came back and avoided homework.

Yesterday morning I was awake by about 9, which was good.

I did a little homework (should’ve done quite a bit more) and went to work, and then we hung out.

40 days

So Saturday’s beautiful or positive thing was lunch with my roommate, because that doesn’t happen often.

And yesterday’s was laughing at work.

I like my coworkers.

A lot.

They’re funny.

And today’s positive or beautiful thing was…


I went to get on the shuttle before class this afternoon and the only other person waiting for the shuttle allowed me to get on before him.

Then that same guy held the door open for me when we reached the buildings.

It was very kind. 🙂

I really have to get homework done.

Some of it is due at 8:30 tomorrow morning, you know…

I should’ve done it over the weekend, but… I didn’t.

My first few days of trying to not procrastinate did not go the way they should have.


I’m going to try to be better about it now, though. Promise.