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Flawless Friday!

40 days


That was what I wrote on my hand yesterday.

I didn’t take a picture (had planed to), but I wrote it in black Sharpie over an orange heart.

For National Self-Injury (or Suicide?) Awareness Day.

And I wore my TWLOHA shirt.

Because they fit together.

I learned that yesterday was an awareness day Wednesday night via Tumblr.

(Have I mentioned I love the internet?)

Before I went to bed Wednesday night, I pulled my TWLOHA shirt out of my drawer and set it out for yesterday morning (which has become a habit on weeknights–makes the mornings go quicker).

And yesterday morning I drew an orange heart on the back of my hand with a highlighter and wrote “AWARE” within the heart.

No one mentioned it.

But if just one person noticed my shirt or the heart and got curious enough to Google “To Write Love On Her Arms” or “orange heart” or something, it was worth it.

“Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going.”