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I forgot to blog yesterday.

I realized it as I was falling asleep around midnight.


40 days

But last night’s positive/beautiful thing was basically the same as Saturday’s.

I relaxed all day, which was nice.

I went to work, which was good. Have I mentioned I enjoy my coworkers? 🙂

After work, I called my mom to see how they were doing.

And a little while after I got back, my roommate decided she wanted to go play LEGO HP again.

So we did.

And we taught her cousin, who had come over to study, how to play.

It was pretty great.

Today, I don’t have my afternoon class, so I have more time to (theoretically) do homework.

I think I’m going to turn on the TV or some music as background noise and try to work on some homework, since I have some due tomorrow…

It shouldn’t take me too long, it’s just a matter of actually being motivated to do it.