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40 days

Flawless Friday!

Today, I didn’t change out of sweatpants.

Last night, I mentioned to roomie that I almost didn’t want to change out of sweatpants today.

And then I decided to not change.

Normally I wear jeans.

But today I just didn’t feel like it.

I did change shirts, but I didn’t feel like changing pants. Sweatpants are more comfortable, and warmer, than jeans.

I felt slightly self-conscious walking around campus in sweatpants, but eventually I realized that it doesn’t matter.

Sure, I maybe got a couple of funny looks throughout the day.

But half* my classmates show up in sweatpants, so it really shouldn’t be that strange.

On the weekends, sometimes I don’t change out of my pajamas. I sit around in sweatpants all day.

I sometimes wear sweatpants when we stop by McDonald’s or wherever.

So why is walking around campus any different?

I don’t know.

It might’ve just been a today thing.

But I thought I’d share it.

*probably not actually half of my classmates. But you know. A good chunk of my classmates.