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40 days

Happy/beautiful/positive thing(s) of the day?

It was BEAUTIFUL outside today.

I didn’t need my coat on my walk to OR from work today, which is amazing.

It’s supposed to be around 60s (F, not C) for the next few days, at least, which is REALLY NICE compared to the last couple of chilly days/weeks/months. Although our winter hasn’t been nearly as bad as usual…


This afternoon, the roomie and I did Spanish together, and got EVERYTHING for this week done.

Except for the in-class stuff, of course.

And the thing that’s due on Wednesday that requires making food.

But other than that, all of my Spanish homework for the next few days/this coming week is finished! 😀

I worked this afternoon.

We finished half an hour before we thought we would.

Then I came back and, after the roomie came back, we watched Narnia.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Poster

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Because Prince Caspian was on TV this afternoon (and I think maybe Lion/Witch/Wardrobe as well?) and I wanted to watch it but I had to go to work.

Anyway, we watched that and now I’m eating Corn Pops at 10 pm (11pm? We lose an hour of sleep thanks to time change) and trying to decide if I want to go to bed or not.

Probably not just yet.

Oh, and at work, we got ice cream!! Our boss always brings us ice cream when we work Saturdays because it’s not a normal work day for us (we’re only required to work one Saturday per semester and our group only works one Saturday a month).

We cleaned bathrooms.

After talking for half an hour, as usual.

And then we disinfected and shined up drinking fountains.

And then got to leave.

And… that’s pretty much my day.

How’s your weekend been going?

I get to go home in 6 days!!