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40 days

Positive/beautiful/happy thing(s) of the day?

Main one is the title of the post: we went shopping. And it was an adventure.

We have to make food for Spanish class on Wednesday (ridiculous, by the way).

So we’re making our food tomorrow night.

But we decided to buy it all tonight.

At 9pm.

Because I had to work and my roommate had a meeting.

So we went to the store and bought ingredients and it was really interesting and random.

But kinda fun.

And I bought ice cream! 🙂

And now I’m back avoiding homework.

But I’m pretty sure I got my early class’s homework finished last week, so I’m not too worried about it.

Tomorrow is classes.

Wednesday: classes and cleaning.

Thursday: classes.

Friday: Spanish, hopefully no afternoon class because he wants to be done on Wednesday, and then HOME!

I’m excited to go home.

I’m excited to just be done with school in general in May…