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40 days

In trying to find the positives for 40 days (Lent) and in life in general, I’ve realized that I need to make the choice every day to focus on positives.

I really realized it this morning.

I went to my Comm class, during which we mainly just talked in our groups, which was pretty fun.

On my walk back here, I decided that being positive is an active thing, not passive.

And right around the time I made that decision/realization, I walked past a woman pushing a stroller—there’s a children’s daycare area near my part of campus. She said “hi” and the kids waved at me and it was cool.

And it was positive.

Even though I have a bunch of things I could be worried about right now, I’m trying to stay positive and not worry.

My roommate and I are doing a project for Spanish tonight (whenever she gets back, and it’s already close to 10!), so we’ll present that in the morning.

Then after Spanish I have two meetings back-to-back for which I have to print a few things.

Then I’ll have a bit of a break (I may even go to chapel! I’ve been slacking there this semester…) and then my afternoon class, during which we will find out for sure whether or not we’ll have class Friday. I’m guessing we’ll get everything done tomorrow.

And somewhere in between and after all of that, we’re cleaning the room so that we’re pretty much ready to leave on Friday.

And then during my break, I have some things I have to do (including some homework).

And I could be worrying about all of that, but I’m trying not to.

It will all get taken care of.

And most of my Break should be pretty enjoyable.

But yeah, the most important thing I learned today?

Choose to be positive.

My Cultural prof told us a story multiple times of a friend of hers who, every day, would walk outside and say, “It’s a beautiful day” or something like that. And that idea stuck with her young son, who would also declare it a beautiful day, no matter the weather.

It’s all about attitude and perspective.