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So much for positivity.

By now you’ve probably seen the Tweets from this morning.

Spanish was fine, aside from forgetting how to say a number in Spanish.

My meetings, however…

Well, I didn’t get to go to one because the first one started and ended later than planned. And then it wasn’t even finished and I had to come back in half an hour when another meeting was finished.

So during that in-between time, and during my second meeting with the first person, I cried.

I could not stop crying.

It sucked.

But my advisor (with whom I was meeting) handled it fine—-she even gave me a hug, kind of.

I’m just really stressed right now and all I want to do is go home.

But we got everything pretty much figured out and I feel better.

Kind of.

Not getting enough sleep last night and all of my worrying about classes has/have caught with me, apparently.

But the rest of the day should be fine, and I get to go home on Friday and see my family and friends.

All right, time to check an email (rescheduling the meeting I missed) and then take a nap and go to class.

I’ll maybe share a different positive later, because there’s bound to be at least a few more positives in this day!