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I almost forgot to blog today!

It’s 10pm and I forgot until I crawled into bed that I should blog today.

40 days

Positive/beautiful thing of the day?


We left a little later than I’d originally thought we would, but it worked out just fine.

I was still home earlier than my last few trips.

Early enough to be able to eat dinner with my parents and still have time to hang out before I got tired enough to crawl into bed.

And then start blogging, haha.

But oh well.

The ride home was faster than others have seemed, maybe just because it was earlier in the day?

I don’t know, but it seemed to go by faster.

Which was nice.

We had some funny conversations, which was great!

And since it’s Friday (still, technically, here), I thought I’d share a “Flawless” idea.

Flawless Friday!

The other morning on my ride to class, the shuttle was playing this:

I’m free to be me and You’re free to be You.

^That part got me thinking:

Free to be me?

What exactly does that mean?

Who am I?

Shouldn’t I be the me that God wants me to be?

How do I do that?

It was really kind of confusing.

Have you ever thought about that?