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40 days

I’ve totally forgotten to update lately, haven’t I?


All right, here’s the happy/beautiful stuff that’s happened so far this week, I guess!

Monday: Pretty boring, until I got to go to the pastor’s house with two best friends and have fun. We helped make dinner (which he appreciated because usually it’s just him cooking for a bunch of people on Sundays), and we also made Rice Krispie bars, which turned out awesome. We watched Captain America, and then we played Mario Party on the Wii (I lost the first time and did better the second), and then we watched Mega Mind, and then we went home.

It was so awesome.

I miss nights like those.

Tuesday: What did I do Tuesday? I went to the dentist, and then I got my hair cut (much shorter!! I can barely get it into a ponytail!), and that was about it. Oh, I went to the doctor that night because I’ve been having ear issues, but it’s nothing major.

Oh, AND Dad ordered us tickets for The Hunger Games! We’re going tomorrow night. πŸ˜€

Wednesday: I watched movies. That was about it. I went back to the dentist for a quick fix (the wire that serves as my permanent retainer came loose on Tuesday, so they fixed it Wednesday). And then I really didn’t do anything.

Today: Again, pretty much nothing. My sister and I did a little bit of shopping this morning (all I bought was some food, haha, although I looked at summer clothes), and I’ve been watching TV shows online the rest of the day.

All in all, it’s been a really good week.

I really need to do homework, though.

Hopefully I can get myself to finish a few things tonight and tomorrow before the movie…

That’s my week so far. What about yours?