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So, I’m really frustrated.

I was doing my homework tonight, right?

The homework that I should’ve done over the weekend to save myself the headache of being lazy and putting it off until the last minute…

Anyway, I was doing my homework, which is all well and good.

And then I checked my email.

It’s room draw whatever time, for rooming for next year, this week.

It slipped my mind until a little while ago.

And so I freaked out because it’s just like last summer when I forgot and had to go with whatever was left.

Which worked out okay but it’s still frustrating.

So anyway, I freaked out and hopped on the website to see what rooms were left…

and the site wouldn’t load.

It was so. slow.

And when it finally did load, the only rooms left were those off-campus because I was so late in the game.

I mean, it’s not all bad.

They’re apartments off-campus, similar to the one I’m in now on-campus.

According to the layout, it’s a two-bedroom suite. They all are. But this particular one only has two slots for people, which I assume means it’s just a two-person, where the rest of the rooms are three- or four-person, I guess?

I mean, it’s right next to the laundry, which might be problematic, but my current room isn’t all that far from the laundry in this building, either…

(Speaking of, I need to fold my laundry and pack for the weekend.)

No one else is listed as having registered for this room yet, but room draw isn’t over for another week.

But, if someone doesn’t choose the other slot in this room, I’m guessing it means one of two things:

1) they’ll allow me to be the only person in the room, which wouldn’t be horrible, or

2) they’ll pair me up with someone else who’s the only person in their suite. Again, maybe not horrible, depending.

I just hope that my parents aren’t upset with the result because I was stupid and left room draw for the last minute again.

And maybe living off-campus will be okay.

It’s only about two miles off-campus (according to Google Maps; according to the website, it’s a mile and a half), the shuttle stops right outside the door, it’s kind of its own little community for upperclassmen, and you get a discount for living there which is rather helpful.

Downside is, even though I’ll have a car, the only time I can have it on campus is after 3pm, apparently. Unless I park in a specific lot? Idk, I’m confused.

But it’s an apartment, so I’ll have a living room and a kitchen, and there’s a common area, because it looks like one side of the building is girls and the other side is guys.

And it looks like every room has a balcony/patio.

So that’s cool I guess.

The more I think about it, the more I think it should work.

And it’s gonna have to work.

I didn’t want to wait and see if a room on campus opened up and risk losing any spot at all, so I went with it.

And then I was trying to figure out my schedule for fall and… it looks so empty.

I still have to decide which other course I want to take–there are seven that sound relatively interesting.

And I have to fit in a one-credit class somewhere. One of two courses; I’m not sure which one I want to take yet. Unless I was supposed to take only one and it was supposed to be next Spring.

But anyway, even with those two additions (two hours a week for the one-credit, I think? and several options for the other with multiple times…

Well, anyway. It’s complicated and kind of annoying.

Okay, it’s after midnight and I’m getting up in six and something hours.

I need to go to sleep now.

I can vent the rest of my worries to Jesus later, or to my mom on Friday, or to my friend on Friday on our way home…

All right, bedtime!