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Flawless Friday!

I think it’s been a while since I’ve done a Flawless post, huh?

Well, today I thought of a topic for one! 😀

I came home this morning.

This is a good thing.

I rode with my buddy and a girl we graduated high school with.

I never hung out with the driver in school.

Like, ever.

I’m sure we had classes together and would say hi if we saw each other.

But we never spent time together.

We weren’t really friends.

I’d almost forgotten what she looked like until this morning.

I wasn’t really good friends with very many of my high school classmates.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

But this morning I found myself almost regretting not being friends with this girl.

I’m sure when I was in junior high or high school I had a negative attitude toward her.

I remember her being in what some might call the “popular” crowd.

She’s pretty, she had a gazillion friends, she was in multiple clubs and such…

But I guess I always thought she would be annoying or something.

This morning I found out that she’s actually a really nice person, really not anything like what I thought in high school.

And I thought, Why was I not friends with her in high school again?

Looking back at it, it seems really stupid that I was negative toward her.

She never did anything to bother me that I can remember.

I was probably just jealous or something.

I don’t think I had any reason to be.

But I couldn’t see that in high school.

I’m not sure it really matters anymore, but… it was something to think about.

Oh, and I brought up the living situation for next year with my parents and they’re okay with it. My mom’s attitude was kind of “We have to look at the positives. And maybe it will end up being really really good for you.”

So. That’s good.

And I think my dad is probably giving me a ride back to school on Monday, so we might stop by the building where I’m living next year just to kind of get an idea where it is and stuff.

We are being positive. 🙂