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I tried on dresses today.

My sister was going through her closet trying to get rid of things, and she let me try on her dresses.

The majority of them didn’t work for me, either because of colors or they were too small or whatever.

But three of them worked.

So she let me keep them.

I think I’m going to wear one of them to church tomorrow.

One has pockets! 😀

I’ll probably wear my black sweater over at least one of them, or wear a shirt/tank top under the one.

But they worked.

I never wear dresses.

The two that I own I’ve worn probably once each, or maybe twice.

I don’t buy dresses.

I’m always afraid they’re going to look stupid.

But these three didn’t look terrible.

So that was cool.

I’m actually kind of excited.

I can wear them to church!

And they’re sort of casual, so I could wear them at school now that the weather is getting nicer. I’ll have to make sure I don’t wear them to work, because I wouldn’t want to spill chemicals or something on them (although the chemicals we use are really diluted and watered down, but still)…

I might put them on again in a bit and show my mom to get her opinion…

Now I just need to make sure I wear them!