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So I registered for classes tonight.

I was doing homework and remembered at around 7:30 that I needed to register for Fall (and Summer) RIGHT NOW and stopped what I was doing to register.

Because if I didn’t register RIGHT NOW I would probably not get into the classes I needed.

So that was a thing.

I got into all of the classes I wanted/needed.

Except for one for which I need instructor permission and I emailed the instructor so hopefully by tomorrow that will be okay. I can pick from two, and at least one of the two is only a couple of hours a week.

My schedule looks so empty!

fall '12

I still need to figure out when I’m going to work in the fall… And if I go home for breaks, I’m going to have to leave on Friday mornings because I’ll be in class until a stupid hour on Thursdays. Unless the prof changes the time or cancels classes for certain break times or something…

Oh and I’m done with all of my Spanish homework for the week, which is great.

I have two tests on Thursday.

And one on Friday.


I think that the next month is going to be really busy.

On another note,

I did Day Without Shoes today.

I started out the day wearing socks.

Because … just because.

And when I grabbed lunch I was required to put on shoes in the food area, so I had shoes in my backpack.

After lunch, though, I decided to go completely barefoot.

I don’t know if it was just because of my schedule, or what, but I only saw a handful of people actually going without shoes today, even though the school has been promoting it for at least a couple of weeks.


But oh well.

It was good.

It was awkward walking barefoot on the path back to my room, because part of it is really rough. And it was chilly on my feet. But I told myself that some kids have it worse than that every day, not just one day a week.

I’m hoping to do One Day Without Shoes every year, if possible. Or at least promote it. Because it’s cool. šŸ™‚