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It’s Friday!!

This makes me happy.

And I have a Flawless post idea. 🙂

Flawless Friday!

In Spanish this morning, our prof seemed upset.

She had us read the first paragraph of an article from a chapter from the previous course.

And then she asked us questions about it.

When none of us could answer her questions correctly, she went on to the next person.

We were all really confused.

This went on for about five minutes, but it felt like forever.

She ended the rapid-fire question round and was a little nicer, but it was still very strange.

She asked us what the point of that was, and how we felt.

I said I felt like she was mad at us.

She asked us who gets treated that way a lot, and we talked about immigrants and the power of language and things like that. We talked about how some people learn more than one language as a power thing, or because it looks good on a résumé.

It was interesting, but some of us are sure she could’ve gone about getting the point across in a different way.

It was really strange to feel that useless and stupid.

I hadn’t considered that so many people actually go through that kind of thing.

It got a point across, but I think she could’ve maybe done it differently.

So that was a thing that happened today that made me think.