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I suppose this could be a Flawless post, but I’m posting it today because I haven’t posted in a few days so.

I thought we were going on a field trip to the zoo.

We didn’t.

We sat in class for almost the full 2 and a quarter hours.

It was a bit of a let-down, but whatever.

I got a kind of compliment.

From my eccentric Art prof.

It was toward the end of the class, and the prof asked me what my major was.

I told him Media Communication, and he asked specifics, and I said production like video and stuff.

One of the guys in the class (one of two, and I have at least one other class with both of them) asked if I was going to LA (California) for a semester, because our school has a connection to a school there.

I said I wasn’t, and the prof asked if it was about money.

I said something like, “Well, yeah, part of it is money, but also being away from home for that long.”

The prof made some comment that I’ve forgotten, and I said “I’m more of a home-oriented person.”

The prof said that he really liked the way that I worded my reply, and that he liked how aware I am of myself, kind of.

It was interesting.

It was a surprise, for sure.

Kind of a pleasant one.

More proof that incredibly random things can have an effect.

In this case, a positive one. 🙂


I emailed next year’s roommates, and we’re getting together at least once before the school year is over.

We’re getting together this week one night to hang out for a while, and I’m excited.

They both sounded pretty excited in their emails, so hopefully next year will be good!

We’ll see!