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Happy Friday!

I’m really glad it’s Friday, and that I only have one more class today.

And Friday means Flawlessness!

At least, I’m trying to have it mean that as often as I can.

Anyway. Flawless.

Flawless Friday!

Today’s topic: Nerves.

Like, being nervous.

Not the nerves that are within your body.

Just to clarify.


So, this whole week has pretty much been full of nervousness.

I had an Art paper due yesterday that I didn’t start on until Wednesday.

I had a French project due yesterday that I didn’t really start until three hours before it was due.

I had a Spanish paper due today that I didn’t start until yesterday afternoon.

And on Tuesday I made plans to meet next year’s roommates … last night.

I was so nervous leading up to the meeting.

What if this turns out to be like this year and I don’t necessarily get along with them at first?

What if they’ve been friends forever?

What if I feel like a third wheel?

I didn’t need to worry.

I like them a lot.

They didn’t really become friends until recently.

We have a lot in common.

It was fun.

I think next year will be good.

Now I have to finish some stuff and wait for my interview this afternoon and then go to class.

My goal for the last few weeks of classes is to get most of my homework finished by Friday night so that I can have a lot of the weekend to just relax.

Let’s hope I can keep to that goal!

Have a good weekend!