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Have I really not posted in two months?

I’m a terrible blogger.

I’ve been pretty busy this summer, though.

Finals went okay.

I wasn’t thrilled about staying until Friday when Fall Semester I came home on like Wednesday, but I made it through.

Since then, it’s been work and hang out with friends and online class time.

Next week is my last week of my online class, for which I am glad.

I don’t even know my grade yet.

I just checked and the only things entered are the two quizzes I completed.

Oh well. I’m doing okay, I think.

With just those two quiz scores, I have something like a B in the course. Let’s hope everything else adds up to close to a B!

I have a final project worth 100 points due next week that I’m confused about, but I’ll get it done.

What’s really weird to me is that we can do an extra credit assignment (which I might do), but it’s only worth 20 points.


How does that only earn you 20 points?


Whatever. It would still be 20 extra points. (Provided I earn 20 points.)

I’ve had a few adventures so far this summer. I’ll update you on them soon!

But for now, I think it’s about time for dinner.

Hope your summer is going well!