It’s been about a month since my last post.

I’ve been busy and lazy.

I moved in at school yesterday Friday.

This year was not quite as bad as last year, crying-wise.

This was a thing I wrote on my Tumblr yesterday Friday.

Sometimes I regret transferring instead of coming in as a freshman.

I’ve missed out on a lot of apparently cool things.

But I wasn’t ready Freshman year.

I just wasn’t.

Transferring in last year was tough enough.

I have a feeling coming in as a Freshman would’ve been harder for me. Personally.

I would’ve been way more nervous and homesick as a Freshie than I was as a Junior—and I was nervous and homesick as a Junior, let me tell you.

I cried nearly the entire day I was moving in.

I was grateful that my roommates weren’t around and that people left me alone while I unpacked.

Freshman year, I probably would’ve bawled and begged to go home.

And although this is a Christian campus, staying at home and going to the church I grew up at was probably better for me than trying to come into a new church where I know no one.

You know?

But it has gotten better.

This year, I didn’t cry until my parents left, and then only a little.


Maybe this means that next year, when I (hopefully) have a job and a place of my own, I won’t cry at all when my parents leave.

So it does get better.


This weekend’s been fine.

Boring, but that’s typical of my weekends.

My roommates decorated today yesterday.

I mean, half their room had already been pretty decorated, but one of them went out and bought some stuff today yesterday.

So we decorated the living room and kitchen.

I get to go home next weekend!

Because it’s Labor Day and we don’t have school Monday.

Except I work.

But. Oh well.

Anyway, when I go home next weekend I’m going to bring some stuff back with me.

Decorations for my room (pictures and maybe some other stuff) and the books I left behind.

So that’s a thing.

My roommates are fine.

I met them once this spring, so I kind of knew a little bit about them already.

But they’re fun.

M went and bought a fish along with the other stuff and she and L have named him Oliver.

So there’s that.

And school starts on Monday tomorrow.

Last night was really interesting.

Most interesting first meeting ever.

One of L & M’s friends came over last night and things were really weird.

Interesting, and kind of awkward.

But I survived it.

I have a feeling this year is going to be very interesting.