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It’s my second week of school.

I went home over the weekend.

It was actually good that I was planning on going home, because they needed help at church.

Plus both my roommates were gone, so it would’ve been boring here at school.

Week two of the school year!

Is it sad that I kind of want it to be Christmas Break (or even the end of the school year) already?


Yes it is.

I am going to learn so much this semester.

And I have a car, so I can go places.

And stuff.

Apparently my one roommate’s mom is visiting tonight, so that’s kind of exciting. šŸ™‚

Sunday at church the sermon was on relationship colors, which was interesting.

I’m gold.

I’d looked at the characteristics for each color before the service and figured I’d be either a blue or a yellow/gold and got yellow/gold, with blue as my second-highest result.

(Incidentally, blue and gold are my school colors!)

So that was fun.

And then yesterday afternoon I came back to school because I had to work.

I left home just after noon and got to school about two, which is awesome.

It took me two and a half hours to get home on Friday, partly because my GPS took me on weird back roads.

So getting back in two hours was good.

I unpacked some things and went to catch the shuttle—but the shuttle runs differently on Labor Day, so there was no shuttle when I needed it.

So I had to drive and walk ten minutes from where I parked to get to work.

Which was fine.

And then they let us leave work 15 minutes early, which was also totally fine. šŸ˜‰


That’s a little bit of an update, for anybody still reading.