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This morning during chapel, I had a Flawless moment.

Actually, the last several times I’ve been to chapel…

I’m not sure if it was not feeling well this week, or realizations based on where I’m at with God.

But I cried a bit today.

This morning we sang these songs:

…through Your shame we came alive… Because I am Yours, my worth is secure.

My King has crushed the curse of Death! And I am His forever!

We honor You forever.

The italicized parts under the videos are the lyrics that really stood out to me this morning.

I feel like this has been happening a little more frequently this year, and maybe since last year. Or in the last few years.

I ran screen nearly the entire summer, save about three Sundays, and while it was wonderful to be upstairs and needed, there were mornings I wanted so badly to be able to sing without feeling like it would be distracting to the others in the media room.

There were mornings when I wanted so badly to close my eyes and get lost in the music and I couldn’t do that because I had to click buttons.

Don’t get me wrong, I love clicking the buttons and making things work. But I wanted so badly to just be.

Which was why I asked if I could not work upstairs my final Sunday of the summer. I wanted that morning to be about being, taking more in-depth notes, not having to pay attention to when to click buttons.

Now, at school, I’m taking those notes (seriously I could take pictures to prove it) and I’m crying during songs because…

I guess because the lyrics are resonating,

or because I want to actually mean the words I’m singing

or… something.

I’m not really sure.

But it was an interesting revelation.