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So I totally ignored this for a very long time.

I comment on some people’s blogs, but I keep forgetting about updating and checking emails. Heh. Oops.

So, update?

I’m just about done with school–which is a little scary, but also kind of exciting.

I know that I haven’t been working hard enough on homework and junk.

I think I hit Senior Slide last summer… Oops.

But it’s been going okay.

I have some stuff to take care of Graduation-wise in the next few weeks, which I have to motivate myself to finish, and a couple of projects and papers to get done.

I’ve been doing an internship this semester, which has been going pretty well.

I’m at a church every weekend (except for two last month because of school/holiday breaks) and every other Wednesday, learning production stuff.

It’s been kind of fun!

I applied for a job at a church in my hometown that is heavily media-related, and I have to send them a project design idea in the next couple of days so that they can have an idea of some of the things I might create for them in that job.

It sounded like there were three or four other people interested in the job, so we will see what happens. I won’t be incredibly disappointed if I don’t get it, but it would be nice to stay near home.

I will be looking at more job opportunities this month and trying to apply for some of those.

For now, the plan is to move back home at least for the summer and see what happens.

It’ll work.

What else?

I got a new laptop over Spring Break!

I have now joined the world of Mac owners…

So that’s fun. 🙂

I still haven’t transferred everything over from my PC, but I plan to after graduation.


if i counted right


So much to do before then.

My parents are coming to visit me in a couple of weekends, which will be nice, because I don’t have any more breaks from school this semester.

So, it’s been kind of a busy school year, but things are going okay and winding down!

What about you?

How’s your year (school year if applicable) going?